Legislative issues in Mississippi

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  • 12. Mississippi lawmakers conclude 2021 legislative session

    What are the highlights of the 3-month session? Most teachers, state workers and higher education employees are slated for a pay increase. A parole eligibility bill is awaiting the governor’s signature. Will he sign it? Legislators argued over some big issues that ended up going nowhere in the final days such as phasing out the state income tax, purging voters off the rolls and creating an alternative medical marijuana program in the state. 
  • 11. Final days of the 2021 session

    Lawmakers are ironing out final details on legislation.  Lawmakers are approaching the final week of the session. Members of the Senate and House are conferencing on key measures such as the income tax phase out plan and a state medical marijuana program. The Legislature is also making another attempt at a parole eligibility bill they hope the Governor will sign into law. Mississippi surpasses one million doses of coronavirus vaccines. 
  • 10. Lawmakers continue squabbling over the House tax reform plan

    The Senate allowed the income tax elimination bill to die. The House revived it. Both chambers killed each other’s Medicaid bill on deadline day. Plans to revive those bills and go to conference are in the works. The legislature passed a $1,000 teacher pay raise. A 17-count federal indictment is released against Nancy New and son Zachary New who allegedly laundered millions of dollars from the state. Mississippi residents 16 and up are eligible for COVID-19 vaccination.  
  • 9. Gov. Reeves signs bill limiting transgender athletes

    The House and Senate argue over a medical marijuana bill on deadline day.Gov. Tate Reeves signs the Mississippi Fairness Act into law, even though it could be later challenged. After the House killed a bill, the Senate revived a plan for an alternative medical marijuana program if Initiative 65 is struck down. Clergy in Mississippi delivered letters to the Capitol this week urging lawmakers to expand Medicaid.